A paddock is a place where Formula 1 family meet after every race as colleagues, fellow riders in motorsport and congregate as a union. Formula 1 may seem like a huge place from an outsider’s perspective but in essence, when you a paddock pass call you into the tarmac areas known as asphalt right in the middle of the circuit you will soon realize you have entered a mini town. If you receive access to the paddock you know you can count yourself fortunate as this will be your chance to get up, close and personal with drivers, the teams and their awe-inspiring racing machines.

Usually, the paddock F1 is an enclosed the area behind the pits where the teams keep their transporters and motorhomes. Although this area usually does not permit entrance to the public a few racing tracks have named their event and hosting venues the paddock. F1 has the paddock club package and this is where you will find VIP guests treated to the best alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, dining on succulent meals in a never-ending space, sometimes providing guests with the liberty of enjoying great 180 views of the racing track.

In Johannesburg, South Africa one of the most famous racing tracks called the Kyalami Race track in Midrand they have a paddock area where a9-meter-high spacious hall with 2770 square meters of continuous space provides their valued guests with a blank canvas open to each and everyone’s interpretation of the venue. the venue entrance only be accessed by using the grand staircase which leads a covered viewing deck with the most amazing 270-degree views of the Johannesburg skyline or you can also gain access using the Convention Centre Bridge which leads directly into the building. The newly built5-meter-wide bridge allows vehicles to drive directly into the Paddock for ease of access when loading for an event.

The Formula 1 offers a-Paddock-Club-Ticket Package which gives its guests the most astonishing viewpoints throughout any Grand-Prix-weekend, the-Formula 1-Paddock-Club™ offers-the gold-standard-in hospitality-at-Formula 1®-races-around the-world. From fountain deep champagne to mouth-watering dining prepared by some of the world’s best chefs, the venue has large TV screens to make sure you do not miss any of the action and you can see all the action not forgetting access to-balconies-overlooking-the-busy-pit lane-area.

So, in essence, a-Paddock-Club-ticket is the only and ultimate journey to enjoying a priceless experience of a-Grand-Prix-race that will have your family and friends green with envy. A simple concept taken by the motor racing culture today is being used to include all F1 fans all over the world so they never feel they have missed out on the action. The F1 paddock extends its village and community of fellow racers to the larger community of true family, its great supporters and fans.

What started off a place for racers, team and vehicles to meet has now been advanced to a place where the lovers of F1 and motorsport can gather in a jovial ambiance and celebratory mood whilst watching their favorite sport and interacting with their favorite racers and teams.