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Riverside International Raceway: The Riverside International Raceway (RIR) operated from September 22, 1957 to July 2, 1989. For most of its life, the RIR was located in an unincorporated area of Riverside County, California, just outside the city limits of Riverside, and about ten miles (16 km) from the current location of the museum. In 1984 the RIR property became part of the city of Moreno Valley, and five years later was razed to build a shopping mall and housing development. A large part of the museum's focus is on the history of the RIR, with many photos and mementos on display. The museum also provides background on the 1953 and 1954 Orange Empire National Sports Car Races, a precursor to the RIR, that took place at March Air Force Base, which has since been renamed the March Joint Air Reserve Base.

Ontario Motor Speedway: A second California raceway highlighted by the museum is the Ontario Motor Speedway (OMS) which was located in Ontario, California. The OMS was designed similar to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but was only in operation from 1970 until 1981.[7]

Dan Gurney: Although born and raised in Port Jefferson, New York, Dan Gurney moved with his parents to Riverside, California after he graduated from high school in 1948. He quickly became involved in auto racing, and began racing hot rods around the orange groves of Riverside. Eventually he became a top road racer, and one of the most popular Formula One Grand Prix drivers in the sport. He won 51 races, and was the first driver ever to win in all four major categories: Grand Prix, Indy Car, NASCAR and Sports Car.[8] Gurney won his first NASCAR race at Riverside International Raceway in 1963. A hometown favorite, he went on to win a total of five races on his local track.[9] One of the museum's main exhibits highlights Dan Gurney's career, honoring him as a local hero.

Archives: The RIAM has assembled a large archive of racing related materials, and seeks to expand the archives through acquisitions and donations. The archives, which are currently being digitized, include racing related, photos, magazines, programs, brochures, and posters, as well as official documents pertaining to races, racetracks and racecars from around the state. The archive also contains many hours of racing-related audio and video recordings.

Restoration projects: In a corner of the museum's showroom are two service bays where visitors can get an upclose look at museum restoration projects that are underway.

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